Allison Robins

UX Strategist
& Researcher

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I’m a Calgary-based
UX Strategist focused on answering three questions about your users.


What do your users need?

You can’t just ask your users what they want – they wouldn’t be able to tell you, even if they wanted to. Instead, you have to discover what they need.

I help you understand your users’ needs by combining quantitative data (collected by measuring things) with qualitative data (collected by observing your users or talking to them).

Analytics Review

Popping the analytics hood of your website or product to learn more about how your users behave.

Competitive Analysis

Figuring out what problems your competition is trying to solve and where you can do it better.

Ethnographic Research

Observing online conversations and interactions to understand why users make the decisions they do.

Focus Groups & Interviews

Facilitating discussions with your users to reveal their desires, attitudes, experiences, and priorities.


How do you design for these needs?

Without a clear definition, your users can become whoever you want them to be. The result is a Frankenstein product or website that is everything to no one.

I distill user research into a format that your designers can easily apply, which helps to ensure that design decisions are informed by evidence, instead of assumptions.

Customer Personas

Transforming data points into a concrete representation that feels less like a spreadsheet and more like a real person.

Journey Mapping

Visualizing the steps that your customers take to reach their goals, and identifying the pain points, behaviours, thoughts, and feelings they encounter.

Content Auditing

Analyzing your existing content against your users’ needs to identify gaps or shortcomings.

Card Sorting

Uncovering how your users organize information, so we can structure content in a way that makes sense to them.


Bridging the gap between research and implementation, wireframes establish the structure of a page, before we add visual design or content.


Do your solutions work?

If your people can’t use your product – they won’t. Your customers should be able to achieve their goals, and their experience shouldn’t leave them feeling frustrated.

No design is perfect after the first attempt. I’ll provide you with the insights you need to improve your user experience by testing your solutions with your users.

Tree Testing

Evaluating the information design of your product, by asking your users to find information only using your product’s structure, without any visual cues.

Usability Testing

Evaluating both the information and visual design of your product, by observing where your users encounter problems or experience confusion.

Trusted to answer these questions by:

  • British Columbia Business Council
  • Alberta Pharmacists' Association
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • The Halifax Partnership
  • Innovate BC
  • Field Law
  • Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass
  • The Calgary Folk Music Festival
  • BC Oil and Gas Commission
  • Blue Cross Canada
  • Syncrude

“Working with Allison on the redesign of the Calgary Folk Fest website was essential to the success of the project. She brought incredible insights through extensive research into our own needs and the needs of our audience.

The research and its application were valuable for more than just our website - it gave us new ways to view our audience and to address them. Allison was able to explain the value of UX research to even the most skeptical in our office. The value of her research has already improved our outcomes online, even a few short months later.

She was very easy to work with, and her management of the project made us all feel at ease with timelines. I can't recommend working with Allison enough.

If you're unsure of the value of this process, I wouldn't start another big web project without the kind of research that Allison conducted. It proved an invaluable foundation for the project and ensured the success of our website as not just a pretty redesign but something that was user-friendly and achieved our goals.”

Elyse Bouvier
Marketing Coordinator

The Calgary Folk Music Festival

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Allison Robins

UX Strategist & Researcher

My first word was "why?" - Just kidding, it was probably "mama," but I have been chasing answers since I could crawl.

Now, I help my clients ask better questions, challenge their assumptions, and connect their visions with the details required to get them there. When I’m off the clock, I’m likely nerding out over politics, watching bad reality TV, or getting my sweat on.